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   Below is the Green MBA program I have initiated as its director, with advices from sustainability scholars and specialits around the world, at the Doshisha Business School, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan, in 2009. It has been running very successfully for the first 3 years, and our program has been getting a world-wide recoginition as a sustainable alternative MBA program. Alas!  All of a sudden this program was suspended.
   It is my hope that this sustainable program will be resumed wherever it is in demand, together with the implementation of the Public Money System, because
Public Money System and Sustainability are inseparable. Please read Chapter 15 of my book: Public Money and Sustainability. Concurrently, please view the latter part of my interview video at the American Monetary Conf. in Chicago, 2011. I'll be very pleased to be of any help toward the re-establishment of the Green Business program.


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